The mission of Rosebud Advocacy, Inc. is to touch, move, and inspire presently and formerly incarcerated persons and the greater community toward engaging in partnership for the discovery and expression of each and everyone’s power to become a valued and contributing member of society.


Vision - We see a day coming when:

      • The word “prison” is no longer in common use.
      • The word “criminal” is heard as much as a call for mercy and support as it is a mandate to judge and condemn.
      • A completed criminal sentence establishes evidence of a valuable, well-integrated, and productive member of society.


      • To advocate and command job creation designed to specifically employ ex-offenders.
      • To support jobs training, life skills, and entrepreneurship, that establish social, emotional, physical and spiritual healing.
      • To build a self-sustaining infrastructure for the support of transitional housing.
      • To offer a variety of programs and classes providing participants tools to construct an extraordinary life.
      • To provide that catalytic opening which allows persons from diverse communities to make fundamental life changes in order to discover and to express their caring for individuals who desire to become healthy and productive participants in society.
      • To acquire and manage transitional housing approved by state Departments of Corrections and state Pardons and Parole Boards.





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